Administrative and Regulatory Law


Administrative law includes the rules state and local governments put in place that govern a business’s or individual’s ability to practice a profession or trade. These include licensing requirements, planning and zoning, inspections, and agency actions against your license or business operations, among other things.

Each trade and profession in Colorado is governed by its own set of laws and rules. Whether applying for an individual or business license, transferring or purchasing an active license, or facing an action against your license, it is important to have someone who understands the way the process works and can guide you through the pertinent rules.


No one knows better how the system works than a former regulator, which is where GPS Legal Solutions shines. As a former state regulatory attorney who has represented parties on both sides of compliance actions, attorney Jennifer Gilbert understands the system and can help you resolve your matter credibly and efficiently.

Jennifer has helped my company in an efficient, transparent manner with success and little drama.

Craig S., Denver Commercial Construction

Help for businesses:

At GPS Legal Solutions, we understand that your license is your livelihood. Jennifer Gilbert has successfully represented and advised medical professionals, casinos, cannabis businesses, liquor establishments, and nonprofits, among others, in each stage of the licensing and compliance process, including mediations, settlements, general questions, and hearings. She also represents parties in employment matters related to addressing personnel issues, unemployment claim defense, workplace policies, and misconduct or discrimination investigations.

Help for individuals:

Often, individuals in industries like cannabis, accountancy, realty, therapy, and others are required to carry their own licenses. Some employers will provide legal coverage if a state board or agency brings a compliance action against an employee’s license. Other employers do not. Even if the employer does provide assistance, it is smart to hire your own attorney to protect your individual interests in case a conflict between the business and individual comes to light. At GPS Legal Solutions, the firm provides strong advocacy and thoughtful advice so you can select the right path for you.

Help protect your success:

You want to be able to focus on your work, and GPS Legal Solutions wants to help you do that. The best way to avoid a compliance action is to have the proper credentials, policies, and procedures in place. GPS Legal Solutions assists parties with ongoing consultations, trainings, and advice related to employment policies and regulatory compliance to ensure you are current and aware of the best practices. Taking an active role in your compliance can prevent future problems.