Jennifer Gilbert, a Colorado native, dedicates her career to serving the Colorado community with understanding and pragmatism. Using expertise and ingenuity, she provides valuable advice and advocacy through all stages of a client’s legal situation.


Jennifer began her legal career in local government, deftly handling criminal jury trials, administrative hearings, and oral arguments in Colorado’s appellate courts. From there she joined the Colorado Attorney General’s Office revenue section, representing state boards and departments in hearings and as general counsel. Jennifer crafted creative solutions by listening to what parties really wanted and prioritizing those needs.


Jennifer is passionate about goal-oriented representation and effective guidance. Experienced in numerous jurisdictions, she represents clients in the Denver Metro Area and in the mountain communities of Jefferson County, Summit County, and Park County.

Admissions: Colorado, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. Supreme Court


Jennifer also regularly volunteers her time with organizations that serve Colorado’s low-income community, including legal nights and pro bono appellate work.  She has participated in boards and school groups, and assists nonprofits with their legal needs on a pro bono or reduced rate basis.


When she’s not helping clients, Jennifer enjoys grabbing her dog and camera and trekking the mountains or planning her next international adventure. Some of the pictures from those trips are featured on this site. A sports writer for nearly a decade, she also enjoys going to games and cheering on her favorite teams.